Keepsake Memory Bears
a remembrance of a loved one

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Embroidering a name, date or symbol onto your Memory Bear adds a great personal touch. While many add the embroidery to the foot we can actually add it wherever space is available. You also have the option to add embroidery in multiple areas such as adding it to one or more feet as well as on the chest, arms, etc. The embroidery options you choose will be sized to fit your Memory Bears appropriately. On the Ordering page you'll find a "Special Instructions" form which you can print out so that you can document your specific embroidery requests or simply write them on a blank piece of paper. Please include your embroidery requests with your material when shipping them to us.
To the right you'll see examples of embroidered Memory Bears plus you can also visit our Portfolio page for even more examples. The symbols displayed at the bottom of this page are some popular options we currently have available. If you're looking for a specific symbol that you don't see displayed on our site simply send us a request, if we don't have it we can usually locate and purchase it for use on your bear for a nominal charge.  


The price to embroider a symbol on your bear is $4.50 (i.e. angel, cross, etc.). To embroider lettering on your bear its $4.50 per line (9 characters or less, including spaces). Longer lettering such as "Grandpa Jack" would require two separate lines of embroidery to fit properly since it is over 9 characters so each line would be $4.50. A symbol added to wording such as "♥ Mom" would be $4.50 for the setup of the "♥" and $4.50 for "Mom".
If there is an embroidered item you would like added that we don't currently offer contact us with your request. If we are able to locate and purchase the design there is an additional $7.50 charge.
Please contact us with any embroidery or pricing questions at or (760) 525-4674.


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Please note: Due to the size of the Cross and the Angel pictured below, they fit best on the chest of our standard 18" bear. You certainly may request them on the 18" bear's foot but please just be aware that they will cover most all of the foot (you can see a sample above in our picture gallery). On the 24" bear, the Cross and Angel will fit very well on the foot.