Creating Memory Bears Since 2008

Slide Memory Bears A Cherished keepsake made from your loved one’s clothing. Slide Treasure Forever Custom designed Memory Bears created with love. Slide Remembrance of a Loved One Cherish memories with a custom-made keepsake bear.

Remembrance of a Loved One

Hold a Memory

Hold a Memory Keepsake BearsWe capture a memory for you to hold by transforming a cherished piece of clothing, or other treasured items into one of our custom designed Memory Bears made special for you ❤️.


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A Keepsake to Treasure Forever

As of 10/24 we are now SOLD OUT FOR ORDERS DELIVERABLE FOR THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY. All new orders will be delivered after the new Year!


A piece of clothing from a loved one who has passed on, a special baby outfit, a wedding dress or a child’s sports uniform can be transformed into a permanent memory to hold and display forever in the form of a Memory Bear.

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